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Start Recovering Now From Past Trauma or PTSD With Reiki

Everyone in their lives at one point or another has encountered a scary situation that we call trauma. Fear is created in the mind from any type of trauma or deeply emotional event, such as an abusive childhood home, being physically or mentally abused, or even the loss of a loved one. Or in the case of PTSD, a fear could develop days, months, or even years after experiencing a dangerous or potentially life threatening situation. Some recover naturally from feelings of trauma by working through them, while others struggle and fight to simply continue to live a normal daily life. While one fear may seem to be minuscule to some, it could have been detrimental to the emotional well-being of another. One can never really understand the repercussions of trauma unless they've experienced their own or are standing by someone close to them having gone through it. Reiki can be used to find calm and inner peace on a soul level to assist with healing them energetically turmoil.

Trauma affects all of us. You could be dealing with the pain of being the victim of a trauma or you could be the family temporarily trying to assist your loved one through the horrific events of that trauma. The end result is the same. We are all affected and these things can make you feel washed, lost, irritable, depressed, anxious or even very responsive to a very normal daily situation. Trauma does not have to define you though. You can choose to change the course of your life by focusing on healing yourself or those pained loved ones around you. Reiki is a healing tool that can be used to calm and nurture the energetic soul.

I found an informative article that I'd like to share about Reiki and Post Traumatic-Stress Disorder by Kathie Lapinski, RN, MSN, CH.
This article explains PTSD, symptoms, causes, fight-or-flight response, war, the energetic dynamics of trauma and so much more. Please share this article with anyone you know that could benefit from it, is dealing with PTSD or trauma in their life or the life of a loved one. The more we know about trauma and PTSD, the more we can help. We all could stand to help those in need and be a larger part of a solution to a life altering situation in our loved ones lives.