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How Can She Possibly Do That?

Hi everyone, this is Adam. I know it's been a while since my last article but what can I tell you, life happens! For this article I wanted to express my utmost respect for single parents that not only work, raise their child or children and still find time to exercise.

In my line of work I have deadlines that I have to meet, people who'll need my help with problems and being available to help anyone in need. I meet and speak with numerous people throughout the day. I always thought I had a very busy day and to find time to squeeze in a workout I thought I was awesome! I was wrong! There is one particular person that always tends to stick out is a single mother that never ceases to amaze me.

She'll come to work at six fifteen in the morning and kick ass throughout the day. She'll pick her child up from school, go home make sure her daughter completes her homework then takes her to baseball practice. After that she'll ask her parents to watch her child as she makes a run to the gym.

The gym for her is a safe haven. She goes there when she is happy, sad as well as angry. She commands respect both in and out of the workplace and the gym. She's been through hell and back, that's for sure! She became someone I have grown to respect and admire for her overall work ethic.

She does not go to the gym add muscle or even set a personal best. She's going to cleanse her mind, she gets lost in the gym. It's only the music, the iron and her. She is not able to sleep when she does not lift just like some people do not feel right if they miss a gym day. Working out has become a significant part of this woman's life. She does not know it, or will not believe me if I said it but she is a huge motivation for me, again, whether she believes it or not, it's true. I'm in complete awe of her daily accomplishments. She jokes with me when I ask her how she does it, she replies: I'm better than you! At least I hope she's joking. But truth be told, she really is!

She makes things look easy, which I can sense that there may be some resentment from people. She does not care, being a mother is fulltime and throwing in working a fulltime job is a task in its own right, especially if she has someone like me as her boss! Just kidding, whatever she needs I'll always back her play whether she believes it or not. This article is not to score brownie points or to embarrass her or even to flatter her, if you spend ten seconds with her you'll know it'll never play out. I hope this article will make people realize that they can do more and it is possible to push yourself to your bodies full potential.