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Aging: Can This Therapy Extend Your Life?

Do you feel you are aging too quickly? Perhaps you can slow it down.

We all get older, this is inevitable, but what is not so well-known is that stress and anxiety, work pressure and family life, can create aches and pains, make you look physically strained and older and, in extreme cases, actually lead a mental health problem and to an early death.

Weight gain, smoking or drinking too much, and arguments with our loved ones by constantly invading our mind, can cause muscular tension and even nervous breakdowns. Stress and anxiety affects the immune system. It can often cause susceptibility to illness and disease. It can also make it slower to recover.

We do not know what the long terms consequences are. We tend not to think about it because “it's just life” and we believe there's no way of avoiding it.

Neverheless, dealing with anxiety and worry IS within reach of everyone and can help us feel younger and happier. It can even help us to live longer by avoiding poor physical performance, weight gain – not to mention strokes and heart attacks

We've all met an “old” young person or someone who is 80+, but seems to be so much younger. How do they do it?

Regular exercise and healthy eating are proven to reduce many aging problems and now there are now therapies may help us to “live younger”

A recent study shows that anxiety increases the rate of aging AND that treating anxiety helps reverse the aging process! “He said.

In this study of 2,300 people faster aging was found in all anxiety disorders including social phobias, agoraphobia, panic and other disorders – and the all-day problems thought about by the demands of our busy lives.

“Shorter telomere length is a known marker of aging, and the fact that telomere shortening can be reversed when an anxiety disorder is treated is awesome news”.

A leading holistic therapist has developed a program that can break this vicious circle. The therapy is available for anyone to use day and night, whenever and where it is needed. It enables us to be in control of our own emotional well-being, benefitting not only ourselves but all those around us – particularly our closest relationships.

Quantum Emotional & Physical Release is a hands-on, practical and effective body and mind therapy that involves cutting-edge psychology, alongside self-applied non-invasive needle free pressure on meridian points, combined with calming, guided touch to the arms, face and hands together with anxiety releasing visualizations.

If stress and worry affect YOUR life then pause for a moment to think.

How much happier you could be if you could do something about it?

Now you can!

No pills. No visits. Nothing to study. Simply eliminating the causes of our day-to-day problems could give us all a longer and happier life.

The pathway to emotional release is in our own hands.